Think about it which would you like to pay for a street whore or an Escort?

Don’t you think it’s much safer for all to hire an escort rather than pick up

a girl off the streets?


We see it all the time in the paper. Cops busting street whores and there customers. Some of

these girls only charge a low rate for a BJ of just $10 to $20…Remember the old saying you get

what you pay for…The police are always saying that many of these whores are on drugs.

I’m sure many of them just need the money to live.

escort-high-end-600 x 904-jpg escort-web-2-696 x 557-jpg hot_girl-escort-620 x 464-jpg

If we could make prostitution legal in this country like so many other countries. Things would be

safer for the girls and there customers. Sex is not going away! It started with Adam & Eve. Let’s

stop wasting police man power on busting street walkers and move it into a

controlled setting.

sexy escort-london-620 x 794-jpg

So the next time you’re driving around and want to spend some $$$$ on

pussy…why not check out the escort area of the yellow pages or

online sites like Back Page…it may cost  you more but you’ll be safer and happier in the end!

Woman found dead, half-naked at abandoned Daytona Beach home

How to Select an Escort

Top Most Expensive Female Escorts

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